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Registration closed on March 3, 2017.  

Late registration can be completed on the morning of the event at the Check-In table.

*You will choose one workshop per session

by TITLE listed alphabetically below.  Please jot down your 1st and 2nd choice and note it in your registration form.

25 Factors Great Teachers Share in Common Workshop by Pat Bassett in AH Lecture Hall

All Levels

Keynote speaker, Pat Bassett, will present a fascinating workshop following his keynote presentation.  Don't miss out!

25 Factors Great Teachers Have in Common:  This presentation articulates the skills sets and attitudes great teachers exhibit, what motivates them, and their impact on students. A “wisdom of the crowd” group process on site or survey prior to the event identifies the top 5 – 6 factors that the group identifies as most important and they believe their teachers do well, and the top 5 – 6 factors that the group identifies as most important and they believe their teachers need to improve. 

Zombiology 101: Interdisciplinary Connections Between Biology and English

Zombiology 101 is a workshop that examines interdisciplinary connections between Biology and English. Middle-High School for Science and STEAM


Using our upper school course "Zombiology: Life Sciences and the Aesthetics of the Undead" as a case study, we will look at strategies for constructing a course that fosters students' creativity by having them craft projects answering the question: how are zombies possible? This workshop is ideal for educators who are interested in working across disciplines, creating STEAM classes, or fans of different zombie genres.

Presented by:

Tim Rosenwong, English Teacher at Pacific Ridge School

Todd Burckin, Biology Teacher at Pacific Ridge School

Senior Reflections Program - sharing experiences with the community

High School for Counseling, Senior Class, and College


For more than ten years, seniors at La Jolla Country Day have shared their life experiences through our Senior Reflections program. As a graduation requirement, all seniors compose and deliver a seven to nine minute speech to their advisory group (that they've been with from grades 9-12.) Some of these speeches are then chosen for delivery to the senior class and to the LJCD community at large. This program is a way for seniors to share their experiences with their peers and inspire/motivate younger members of the community. This is also an opportunity to allow seniors to vet content they may use in their college essays.

Presented by:

Beth Cross, Grade 12 Coordinator at La Jolla Country Day School

Middle School Urban Planning and Engineering Project

Middle School for Engineering

This workshop explores how students are learning-by-doing the engineering design process. After learning about cities and government by playing SimCity, students innovate solutions to societal challenges while designing cities of the future; write essays; build scale models; and do oral presentations about their future cities. They work collaboratively and learn project management skills. They stretch their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They work hard and think, "Yes! We are playing a video game in class! It's fun, challenging, and I'm learning urban planning and how city governments work. Go ahead. Ask me anything about the tax consequences of reducing residential land use." Best of all, they think this is the best project ever! Maybe the "best of all" part is that the curriculum is available for free. Come explore its use.

Presented by:

Deborah Orlik, Grand Vizier of the IDEA Lab at The Rhoades School

Flirting with Slopes

Middle-High School for Mathematics


If you thought the concept of "Multiplier" only applies to linear functions, think twice! The power of pattern recognition in mathematics will be tested in this original and interactive presentation.

Presented by:

Noureddine El Alam, Mathematics Discipline Coordinator at Pacific Ridge School

EXCSEL Program (an Experiential, Character education, Social and Emotional Program for Middle School students)

Middle School for Experiential Learning

With an ever increasing need for middle school students to be exposed to stimulating hands-on learning, this program aims to enhance our students’ academic and social skills in a non-traditional classroom setting. The program covers hands-on experiments, challenges, day and overnight field trips, group work, service learning to further character education and social skills development at this very important age.

Presented by:

Nicole Trotta, Director of Experiential Education at San Diego Jewish Academy

Anna Falkiewicz, 6-12th Grade Dean of Students at San Diego Jewish Academy

Dilemma Round Tables

Lower School for Curriculum Development and Technology


Have a dilemma that is bothering you like a stone in your shoe? Participate in an Ed Camp style session where the attendees choose a few topics to discuss in a round table forum. This is your chance to get a wide variety of perspectives and draw upon the expertise of your fellow teachers.

Presented by:

Shelly Moses, Teacher and Legacy Heritage Teacher Leadership Fellow at San Diego Jewish Academy

Admissions and Marketing Best Practices

Admissions and Administration for Advancement and Marketing


A variety of tactics and strategies will be shared regarding best practices for the admission and marketing offices. our format will be a round robin of ideas and Q & A. Please bring your ideas and best practices for this hands-on workshop.

Presented by:

Caroline Fisk, Associate Head at Warren-Walker School

Amy Hall, Director of Admissions at Warren-Walker School

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