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2015 CASE/NAIS Review

Administrators for Development and Marketing


Compelling highlights from the 2015 CASE/NAIS Conference related to Development, Events and Marketing.


Presented by Nisa Conway, Manager Annual Fund & Alumni Relations & Monique Benjamin, Development Events Manager, Pacific Ridge School

Add Swagger to Your Grammar!

5th-8th Grades for English


Try a fresh approach -- a few new "hooks" and strategies your students will remember – and surprise them with a new found passion that will placate even the loudest grammar grumblers! Trying to humanize grammar as much as possible, give students eagerness and methodologies to help them remember the rules. In this workshop you'll learn some new tools that you can easily incorporate into your curriculum. 


Presented by Abbey Edwards, 6th Grade Teacher with Masters in Cross-Cultured Education, Del Mar Pines School


All Grades for Classroom Management Strategies


Learn how to distinguish between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Executive Functioning Disorder, and practical solutions for your classroom. These strategies will improve classroom management and improve the academic success of students.


Presented by Maggie Williams, M.A., M.S., LEP #3149, GMLS Learning Center Director, San Diego Jewish Academy

Analytical Thought Process (ATP): How to Analyze Complex Bodies of Data and Develop a Thesis

7th-12th Grades for Language Arts and Thinking


What is ATP, and how can a student use it to think about and construct a working thesis statement? Developed by Hilda Taba (1902-1967), ATP has set the foundations of concept development and critical thinking.  Students can use her methods of gathering, separating, grouping, developing, and weaving to craft thesis statements that clearly identify their purpose in a sufficiently narrow, specific, and clearly outlined assertion.


Presented by Erin Weidemann, Teacher, The Rhoades School

Are You Ready? Emergency Planning for Schools

Administration and Facilities Staff for Emergency Preparedness


Learn the drills and skills necessary to prepare your school for any emergency.


Presented by Debra Champagne, Director of Finance & Operations, San Diego French-American School

Blogging with Elementary Students

3rd-5th Grades for Technology


Learn about blogging and how to introduce students to the online world of networked learning.  This workshop will explore how elementary blogging works, what topics elementary students and teachers cover in their blogs, and tips for starting your own blog.  


Presented by Dana Clarkson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Chabad Hebrew Academy

Can You Hear Me? Creating a Culture of Lifelong Learners

All Grades for Lifelong Learning


Through the lens of musical education, this workshop will explore some practical tips, tools, and strategies for a variety of classroom settings and student age groups.  From creating and maintaining engagement in our classroom, to achieving differentiated instruction, to developing deeply impactful lessons, come discover what music and modern technology can teach us about the human experience.


Presented by Jessica Swift, Director of Music, Cathedral Catholic High School

Comparing Fractions for True Understanding

3rd-6th Grades for Math


Explore six different ways to teach student how to compare fractions for true understanding.  Long gone are the days of teaching students to cross multiply fractions to compare them without fully understanding fractions.  


Presented by Erica Manthe, 5th Grade Teacher, Del Mar Pines School

Design Thinking at Francis Parker Lower School

Prek-5th Grades and Administrators


In this workshop you will see how we are beginning to implement design thinking throughout our curriculum. I will share examples of how we are implementing design thinking across the grades and throughout the curriculum.


Presented by Blair Stearn and Laurie Brae, Francis Parker School

Developing Student "Experts" Through Community Participation

6th-12th Grades for Assessment


This workshop presents a student-involved assessment process that increases content mastery within the learning community.  This process guides students to become good “assessors” of their work by looking at and discussing the work completed by their peers in a way that positively promotes growth in their work. 


Presented by Barbara Farrington, VPA Department Chair, Upper School Art Teacher, Santa Fe Christian School

Ethics Council & Faculty Review Board: LICD Upper School's Approaches to Student Discipline

9th-12th Grades, Deans, and Directors


It is developmentally normal for adolescents to push boundaries and make mistakes.  How we as schools respond to those transgressions can play a significant role in a student’s social and emotional development.  Attendees will learn about the Ethics Council, a group of carefully selected students and faculty who focus more on growth, education, and restoration than punitive measures.  


Presented by Todd Ballaban, Dean of Academics and Student Life, La Jolla Country Day School

Everything you Wanted to Know About Kindergarten Science

K-1st Grades for Science


This workshop will cover experiments for kindergarten students in the areas of plants, magnets, water, human body, and the five senses. Art projects are incorporated as well. 


Presented by Terri Zimmerman, Teacher, La Jolla Country Day School 

Exceptional Customer Service

Office Managers, Clerical, and Administrative Assistants for Customer Service


This workshop will be beneficial for anyone who works in a school office. The importance of first impressions, customer service, and communication are some of the key pieces to working toward the goal of a successful school office. 


Presented by Sue Christie, Office Manager, Del Mar Pines School


Flipping the Classroom in a Project/Lab Based Curriculum

K-12th Grades and Administration for Project & Lab Based Learning


This session will focus on the practice of flipping the classroom in project and lab based learning environments.  The workshop will focus on available technology, curriculum development, and classroom application and is based on the work of the Santa Fe Christian Flipped Classroom Professional Learning Community.  


Presented by Chris Whyte, 8th Grade Physical Science Teacher & Nathan Boss, 9th Grade Biology Teacher/Department Head, Santa Fe Christian School

From Maycomb to Equality

6th-12th Grades for English and Humanities


Using an integrated unit about the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights Movement that includes reading To Kill A Mockingbird and learning about race relations in the South under Jim Crow laws, middle school English and history teachers will demonstrate cross-curricular, interdisciplinary studies that make an impact on the character development of their students.


Presented by Ann DuBois, 8th Grade  English & Paul Saunders, 8th Grade History Teachers, Warren-Walker School

Google Forms: A Teacher's Best Friend

All Grades for Teachers and Adminstrators


Discover how easy it is to use this powerhouse application in your classroom.  You will walk away wondering how you ever taught without it.  


Presented by Cynthia Nixon, 3rd Grade Teacher, Santa Fe Christian School

Immersion Activities for the Language Classroom

5th-12th Grades for Foreign Language


This workshop addresses the most common challenge facing teachers of world languages:  How do we teach language without resorting to English translations and explanations? Compelling language acquisition research and a presentation of a variety of immersion activities will be offered. 


Presented by Meredith Brady, Spanish Teacher, Pacific Ridge School

Integrating Writing Across Disciplines

2nd-5th Grades and Administration for Language Arts


The workshop will examine the effective use of “Write Up a Storm” by Wilda Storm supplemental writing program with techniques appropriate for second through fifth grade, Rubrics, Report Writing, Narratives, Creative Writing, and Responding to Prompts. The Educational Records Bureau WRITING ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (WrAP) rubric will be used to demonstrate how to organize a strong writing program for use in any private school setting.  


Presented by Julia Cruz-Fallica, 4th Grade Teacher, Warren-Walker School 

Introduction of Computer Programming with Scratch

4th-8th Grades for Information Technology and Computer Programming


Scratch is a programming language that allows students (4th-8th) to design and create interactive games, stories, and animations. This session will demonstrate how to blend programming theory with hands-on scripting that will enable students to not only use technology, but to create the technology. 


Presented by Gary Sandvik, LS/MS Computer Teacher & Tech Support, Santa Fe Christian School

Invertebrate Organism Project, An Interdisciplinary Unit

7th-8th Grades for Interdisciplinary Science Unit


The workshop will highlight the Warren-Walker Middle School “Invertebrate Organism Project” (IOP) and demonstrate cross-curricular design.  The IOP is a collaboration by teachers that incorportates science, English, math, art and Industrial Arts that everyone enjoys.


Presented by Hunter Pashkow, 7th & 8th Grade Science & Industrial Arts Teacher, Warren-Walker School

iPad Content Creation Awesomeness

K-12th Grades for Technology and iPads


iPads are not $500 worksheet generators! Come have some fun, as we explore apps that enable you and your students to create content that demands critical analysis and synthesis of learning, while not forgetting the importance of manipulatives.


Presented by Shelly Moses, Technology Integration & Curriculum Specialist, San Diego Jewish Academy

Making a Second Language Come to Life

All Grades for Second Language


If you want your students to feel confident to speak in another language and to learn how to teach a second language using all of the senses, then this is the right workshop for you! Through this workshop, educators will be introduced to a conversational second language program that is geared towards supplementing your current program. 


Presented by Gvira Abed, Kindergarten and 4th grade Hebrew Teacher, San Diego Jewish Academy

My Experience with Lesson Study and How It Has Transformed Me as a Professional

All Grades for Lesson Study


Lesson Study is a teaching improvement process that has origins in Japanese elementary education. In lesson study, teachers collaborate in a small group to improve a specific lesson called the “research lesson” by researching the topic, creating a lesson plan, observing the lesson in practice and reflecting on the results of the lesson. In this workshop, I will be discussing how I have used lesson study in my teaching career to help improve the engagement of my students and my professional growth. 


Presented by Joy R. Stephenson, Middle & Upper School Math Teacher, Santa Fe Christian School 

Preparing Students for College and Beyond

9th-12th Grades, Counselors, and Administration


What does it mean to act en loco parentis? To develop and educate the whole student? For educators in a boarding school environment, it often means going beyond the development of academic abilities and skills. In this workshop, one teacher will share how she is working to help struggling (and all) students develop good study skills and work habits, so that they may be prepared for college and beyond. Participants will leave with practical ideas and concrete strategies to help create student accountability, engagement, and ownership in the learning process.


Presented by Dr. Ericka Walters, Director of Learning Strategies, The Army and Navy Academy

Promoting Social & Emotional Growth in K-8th with an Emphasis upon Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation to Pursue Moral Behavior

K-8th Grades for Social and Emotional Growth


Participants will refine their question-asking skills and explore coaching techniques to help their students build social skills and to promote emotional growth.  Sample scenarios involving conflict resolutions and addressing misbehavior will be shared and examined.  Participants will break into groups to practice the techniques shared by applying them to hypothetical student conflicts and misbehavior.


Presented by Jeff Nolan, Assistant Head of School & Dean of Students, The Rhoades School

Readers' and Writers' Workshop

K-3rd Grades for Differentiated Instruction


This workshop will show you how I differentiate learning in a gifted classroom while using Guided Reading and the 6+1 Writing Traits.  I use small group instruction, reading and writing buddies, literature circles, book clubs, and much more!


Presented by Stephanie Belzunce, 2nd Grade Teacher, The Rhoades School

Salvaging Sisterhood-A Workshop on Girls and "Girl Drama"

PreK-12th Grades and Administration for Girls


This workshop offers tools and strategies for teachers and administrators to work with girls and "girl drama", what can help and what can make things worse. This adapted Sisterhood program provides new tools, strategies, and skills to girls to better equip them to deal with conflict.


Presented by Jennifer Pashkow, M.Ed., Science Teacher & Counselor, Warren-Walker School

Science, Technology, and Sports

All Grades for Physical Education and Sports


In this age of Fitbits, exercise apps, Paleo diets, and specialization, it is important to be informed and ahead of the curve. Science and technology is fueling elite athletes, and both can benefit high school athletes, exercise enthusiasts, PE teachers, and just about anyone who wants to be more aware and deliberate about improving themselves. Presenters will also share surveys for athletes and rubrics for assessing coaches and athletes.


Presented by Hans Richter, Athletic Director, Pacific Ridge School

Step It Up! Challenging High Achievers in Math

2nd-6th Grades for Math


This session will explore a wide variety of resources and techniques for adding depth and complexity to you math curriculum.  Learn how to motivate your students to achieve even higher levels of success and ensure that every student learns something new every day!


Presented by Lori Lum, Math Teacher, grades 3rd-6th, Diegueno Country School

The Development of a High School STEM Research Program

6th-12th Grades for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


San Diego Jewish Academy created the High School STEM Research Program ensuring students developed creative and intellectual skills to become confident innovators, equipped to address global problems and advance the boundaries of science. Students develop “blue sky research projects” whose selection, execution and implementation involve significant outreach into the community.


Presented by Dr. Jane Willoughby, K-12th STEM Director, San Diego Jewish Academy

The IB Program at the High School Level

9th-12th Grades and Administrators for International Baccalaureate


The focus of this workshop is to provide an overview and evaluation of the IB program at the high school level.  The overview would include: the diploma program, the certificate options, requirements, student and teacher demands, and outcomes.  The evaluation would offer strengths and limitations of the IB Program at the high school level.


Presented by Frank Caro, Teacher, NHS Advisor, Cathedral Catholic High School

Time Warp

All Grades for History and Arts


If one folds a timeline from 2014 to 1585, you have created a wrinkle or portal in which to journey back through time.  Please join me as we travel to the court of Elizabeth I for a day of revelry, intrigue, costumes, movement and manners.


Presented by Bonnie Johnston, Artistic Director, Arts Integration Specialist, Diegueno Country School

UC A-G and Standardized Testing: Quality Control or Rigor Tyrant?

8th-12th Grade Deans, Directors, Administrators, etc. for College Prep


Any California school’s discussion of AP and honors courses happens in the context of the UC’s A-G requirements & admission and the curriculum’s obligation to student performance in standardized testing for college admission.  Our discussion will center on current shifts we need to consider.


Presented by Rachel Petrella, Director of College Guidance, Pacific Ridge School 

Using Design Thinking Strategies to Enhance NGSS Performance Expectations

Middle School for Science and Design Thinking


The Middle Science teachers at Francis Parker will conduct a workshop that shares the process of incorporating Design Thinking strategies as part of having students demonstrate their mastery of the Life Science performance expectations.


Presented by Binh Ngo, Sergina Bach, Francis Parker School

Website Reliability

6th-12th Grades for All Subjects and Technology


We will peruse fake websites that do not look like fake websites then use these hoaxes as a platform in which to explore website reliability, and understand the various URLs and their meanings, and utilize websites that verify the authenticity of all websites so that we and our students may have a more discerning eye. Rather than use an internet filter, we can teach our students how to filter the internet.


Presented by Sara Hansen, Humanities Department Chair, San Diego Jewish Academy

What is Their Secret Recipe?

Administration and Division Directors for Curriculum


We'll examine facts and ideas that explain why some European countries obtain the best results in the studies made by PISA, their strengths and how some concepts could be applied to our schools. The format will include a keynote, Q&A, and open debate.


Presented by Christian Jarlov, Head of School, San Diego French-American School 

Word Play: Unique and Creative Approaches to Teaching Spelling and Vocabulary

1st-5th Grades for Language Arts


In this workshop, participants will learn some creative approaches to a differentiated and individualized spelling program that are easy to manage with many take-away materials that teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately.  In addition, teachers will learn a new, creative approach to vocabulary acquisition that is motivating, creative, and meaningful.  


Presented by Carrie Hasler, 2nd Grade Teacher, Francis Parker School

World Peace Games

4th-6th Grades for Global Issues


WPG is a geo-political game focusing on solving world problems. Students get the opportunity to explore our global connectedness through economic, environmental and social lenses and attempt to solve issues without violence or threat of war. It is our ambition to create reflective, deliberative, self confident and empathetic global citizens who are able to create meaning out of chaos with new and creative solutions. 


Presented by Kelli Cox & Irene Lerner, San Diego Jewish Academy

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